The Final Look - Philadelphia Apartment

January 10, 2018

  Now that the holidays are passed and a new year has begun -- can you believe its 2018?!  It's time to get back on track with my posts!  I am happy to share the final reveal of the Sansom street apartment I designed, decorated and staged.  I cannot express enough how fulfilling this project was!  Usually as a designer that works within a clients realm, the creative aspect can sometimes be tamed.  For this project that was the opposite case.  I was given a very detailed design scope but yet the opportunity to go all out creatively.  


The living room...

 Whenever designing a small space, like this one, it's really important to establish distinct areas but yet keeping a constant flow of movement throughout the space.  I really wanted to do an accent wall that was bright and unexpected.  I knew first when I agreed to designing this space that I needed to do a turquoise wall.  


Why turquoise?  Firstly, not every client asks for turquoise!! So why not paint a fun color?!  Secondly, this is a bright color that mixes well with metal accents.  Part of the design scope was to make sure that my personal style and signature would be included in the design.  I love mixing metals and really love creating juxtaposition.  When mixing metals with soft textures it creates an interest and a statement.  In any space I do design, especially my own home, you will find this in every room!



 Predictably so, gold compliments any jeweled toned color.  It helps enhance the rich and boldness.   You can see here with the accent decor that was used to hang on the wall.


Decorative details that always add to a space are window treatments and accessories.  There was limited natural light into the apartment so I wanted to use curtains that would be complimentary not concealing.  To add more seating options I used two poufs - fun and unconventional.  


 Decor accessories I find the most fun but also tricky.  It's easy to get carried away!  Making a collective - not cluttered - statement is key.  Candles always win in my opinion because they are pretty, functional and add warmth.



 With colorful accent pillows, I was trying to represent the abstract art look and feel.  My initial inspiration for this apartment was the colorful art and murals you can find thought the city of Philadelphia.  Ironically enough, its found in the most unexpected places.  This is a tribute to how art can be used in the home in multiple ways.  

 I painted an abstract mural to add interest and a wow factor when you first enter.  I felt the negative wall space in the hallway was the perfect opportunity to showcase an unexpected form of art.  Like I mentioned, the idea of thinking outside the box on this project inspired me to do something more unconventional, bright and fun.

 The kitchen and dining area was very challenging spatially. The open layout is great but very small.  I wanted to keep the open flow of the apartment as much as possible so I opted for a convertible dining table.  The table closes to create more space and opens with two benches that can be tucked underneath.  It's important to understand the space you are working with and understand what can work best and be the most functional.  

 Staging any space I design is always the most fun.  I mixed and matched the textures, prints and colors for the place settings to create a more eclectic look.  Any of these items can be reused throughout the year if hosting and are not very specific - I like this approach because of the practicality.  The galvanized metal tier stands also play with my love of mixing metals and textures.  


The Kitchen...




 The kitchen area is small but making the most of the space I made sure to keep the counters organized with jars for the utensils.  Tidy and functional - the ideal for small spaces.


             3 piece Caddy Set with Wood Tray by Towle Living -


           Wide Mouth Mason Jar Utensil Holder by Comfify -



The Bedroom...

 A bedroom should be a cozy and serene escape and that is exactly what I wanted to achieve in this room.  When living or staying in a bigger city and there is a hustle and bustle around you having a bedroom where you can truly unwind is so important.  The travel company I designed this apartment for, Parallel, has an amazing business model where they offer the same accommodations as a hotel but in a much more comfortable setting.  The point of having a local interior designer to personalize and design the space creates a unique and more home like atmosphere.  

 I really wanted to translate the same abstract art feel that I used in the living room area into the bedroom but using a much softer color palette.  Still playing with gold and other metallic hues, using a soft blue and dusty pinks makes this a soft serene bedroom retreat.

 I hope you enjoyed taking a home tour of this apartment and reading through my design process!  If you are interested in booking this apartment you can click here!  Please check out Parallel Travel for more amazing rental opportunities in different cities throughout the U.S. -



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