Styling the Perfect Coffee Table

June 1, 2017

Decor styling.  Those words can mean a lot depending on what room you are styling and what furniture piece you are accessorizing.  What could be a piece of furniture in your house that acts as a focal point in a room?  Usually any type of table really attracts an attention to gather.  For this post, I'd like to share easy and fool proof ideas for coffee table styling.


   How many instagram pictures or pinterest posts have you seen boasting the most elegant coffee table decor?  I mean, seriously - they make it look so easily put together and effortless.  From books, to candles, to adorable chatchkas?  The possibilities are quite endless.  Take a peek at some examples I have set up and ideas that I will share for you to not only have a fabulously stylish coffee (or console table, for that matter) but actual objects that you can display in other rooms!  


   I firmly believe when you are purchasing accessories or decor objects - think long term!  Books, candles, flowers with vases... all items can function in other places than just a coffee table.  It often happens you will want to change things around or spruce up a space and then those items can be rotated out.  It's pretty simple and cost effective!  


  When styling your table, there are a few suggested guidelines that can help.


1. Rule of 3 - a simple design formula that never goes wrong.  The rule of three items creates a layout of shape, size and color.  Think of a triangle - your eye automatically goes straight to the middle which is the overall concept although there are 3 defined sides that create the shape.  If you simply group three items together varying in different shapes and heights you are creating a cohesive and interesting concept for your table decor.


2. Use Objects of Interest - a personal item or cherished heirloom?  A great way to showcase a special piece or accessory is to showcase it for everyone to see.  By using your favorite piece on a coffee table display you are already creating an interest or calling attention with a beautiful conversational piece. 


3. Grouping Objects - this is by far my favorite go to tip and truly the most fun to do!  By using various shapes, heights and colors you can group decor objects together creating an overall display for your coffee table.  Below I am showing a few different ideas about what I refer to as "grouping".  You will see by mixing shapes and heights - and adding my signature element of texture - the overall looks are so elegant and timeless.  With grouping objects for a display, you are able to reuse items and set aside pieces for other rooms.  Function and practicality! 





Modern Gold Glam

Playing with different elements creates an interesting outcome.  Here by mixing metallics with a modern, clear table, where the light reflects off easily - it's a showcase for beautiful accessories.

Pineapple Bookends by Threshold - I Metallic Glass Candleholder by Diamond Star - I Faux Orchid in Marble Pot - I Elana Mirrored Tray - I Porter Coffee Table - I Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs Book - Barnes & Noble I 100 Years of Fashion Illustration Book - Barnes & Noble






Rustic French Country

This is really all about the soft pale blue hues thats cozy and inviting.  Pairing a traditional round table with unique candle lanterns and art books ties this look all together.

Hydrangea Silk Flower by Creative Displays & Designs - I

Jeweled Orb by Three Hands - I Capiz Flare Tray - I Eldridge Silver Triangle Metal Lanterns - I Megan Coffee Table - I Monet: or the Triumph of Impression Book - I Van Gogh: Up Close Book - Barnes & Noble






Mirrored Blush Elegance

Mixing black and white with pops of blush pink tones - chic and timeless.  This is an entry or hallway idea of how to accessorize a console table by using items that can be easily reused around your home.

Animalia Canisters - I Faux Peonies in Water Vase by The Holiday Aisle - I Avignon Candleholders by Sterling Industries - I 100 Years of Fashion Book - Barnes & Noble I Chanel: Collections & Creations Book - Barnes & Noble I Metallic Mirrored Console Table by Pulaski -




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