A Peek Inside My Home - Foyer Edition

March 6, 2017

   I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some insight into my home!  Each month I'll be posting a blog dedicated to showing you a room or a feature that I have personalized for my own home.  This way you can get a first hand look of my personal taste and style and I will write about the design process!  


This month I am featuring my foyer.  What a perfect space to start off with since this is the first part of my home that visitors see after walking in the front door.  We purchased this house just over one year ago and although had some amazing features already in place we knew right away we would need do renovations.  Our first and most expensive renovation was the floors.  The original foyer had inlayed white tile which I will be honest.. I hated!  I love white and I love tile but I was not liking the combination at our front entrance.  My husband, who just so conveniently has great taste, demanded we do Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.  No arguement there!  When choosing our flooring I took a few things into consideration..


1. The size of the wood.  Hardwood comes in a variety of widths.  I choose to do a 5" width as the wider you go with flooring the better and more expensive it looks.


2. The direction of the flooring.  When you stand in our foyer you can see right into our family room.  I made sure the installers kept the direction of the floors to go diagonally forward, the same direction you would walk towards that room.  It gave an elongated effect and definitely added some drama.


3. Framing and box design.  This is not something you often see but the contrast of the deep, rich cherry and the red oak framing really stands out.  I decided to frame around the edges and corners as well as create a box design when you first walk in.  I came across tons of different looks while researching but after not finding exactly what I liked, I sketched it and handed it over to the floor installers.  They matched it perfectly!


Foyer flooring before...


Foyer flooring after...


 I also loved the idea of adding woodwork and molding to the very bare walls.  Our contractor added a total of 6 boxes and continued the chair molding from our formal living all around the foyer as well to create a more finished look.  Adding "picture boxes" with molding adds definition to your walls.  With the boxes set I asked our painter to use a contrast color for inside the boxes.  I chose a three tier bagel style chandelier for the much needed bling factor and kept the original ceiling medallion.  With these small and not very costly touches you can update your foyer.  




Our front staircase was another challenge.  The original staircase was exposed oak wood with a carpet runner.  I had the old runner ripped out, the entire staircase was stained and refinished to match the brazilian cherry floors.  To go with my color story of neutrals and a touch of caramel I picked a runner that blends well but to add contrast the background color of the runner is black.  Like the rest of my home it gives it a bit of a modern twist!


Take a look at the before and after photos .. what a difference!


Front entrance before..


 Front entrance after...


View from the top before... 


View from the top after...


Comment your thoughts!  I would love to hear feedback and next month I will add another room for your viewing pleasure!


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