Interior Styling Do's & Don'ts

February 9, 2017



When it comes to designing your home or even just updating a few rooms, there are a few guidelines that are helpful.  Let's not forget that a design, in any form, lends itself to creativity but there some do's and don'ts to keep in mind.


1. Do Measure.  Before you do any kind of furniture shopping you need to measure the space in where you want to furnish.  This is key so you can determine which pieces can fit and avoid having to deal with a furniture piece that is too big or too small for your room.  Not all rooms are the same so they will vary in size, ceiling height and may even boast a built in feature.   It's best to know understand and know the space you are working with. 


2Don't Match Everything.  This is a big DO NOT.  What makes a room interesting is a collective assortment of items that are not the same.  To create interest or character it's great to mix and match furniture, rugs, accessories, that overall compliment each other or together create an ambiance and over all feel for your room.

3. Do Use Textures.  By layering different textures in your home you are able to create a balance and a rhythm.  Your home is an expression of you.  Using a element of texture is just as important as the use of color.  Textures can be found in different forms whether it's pillows, a shaggy rug, flocked wallpaper or a dimensional backsplash. 


4. Don't Over Accessorize.  Did you ever hear the expression, less is more?  This is absolutely true about accessoring your home.  Who doesn't love to shop for little things to fill in the nooks of your home?  This can be your biggest mistake.  Who wants a cluttered home?  Let your furniture pieces make a statement and keep the accessories light and meaningful.  Think of home accessories as the icing on your beautifully designed cake! 

5. Do Furniture and Rug Placement Planning.  I'm sure you have heard of Feng Shui and whether you agree or not, it does help to think of furniture placement in detail before arranging.  Creating a harmony or traffic flow helps when you have a furniture plan.  Understanding the size of your room, window placement and what the use of your room will have all plays into deciding the best placement.  Simply mapping out your furniture and rugs can really help to determine this. 

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